When in doubt — Create a YouTube channel

Ekabosowo Takon
3 min readJan 30, 2023


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There are a lot of things that you can talk a wild guess on — that you might find me doing when I’m by myself — and I bet having long talks with myself out loud wouldn’t even be close to 1–5 on your list — but then it most definitely would make 1–3 on mine.

Writing this reminds me of a time one of my neighbors came around and was trying to talk to me — and I remember him saying “ you were having a meeting “ — but I rewinded back to that time and realize that I was in one of my “talking phases” lol — funny I’m using that term.

I’ve never been someone that likes attention or talking about intricate details of my life — but somehow I’ve always found myself sharing fragments of my life that I have learn from and believe others can learn from.

Overtime I believe I’ve tried to build 5–6 blogs , and this one is the most successful of them all. Although I no longer use the rest so often , I sometimes go back to them and find myself extracting value from them over and over again. Perhaps storytelling is one of my superpowers. So why not dive into videos — it’s more precise and frankly not everyone like to read — but people can spare 5–10 minutes of their day once in a while for a lirru dairy session.

So why a vlog?

Intimacy , emotions , depth , clarity , connection, interest.

I found an old journal that mentioned “vlog” on my list of things to do this morning and I was in awe. I knew the idea came up to my mind once in a while — but to be honest , there were many reasons why installed it .

  • One, I didn’t think my life is as interesting as the “lifestyle” vloggers that roam the streets of YouTube .
  • - Two, I wasn’t sure I’d be consistent enough to run it.
  • - Three, I wasn’t sure of what kind of content to put out.
  • - Four, is editing your mate ? Lool it’s a whole mother ball game andddd fam you gats keep updating yourself.
  • - Five , filming gear and I really just allowing procrastination drag me.

Why now , what changed ?

If not now — then when ?

What kind of content do you intend to put up?

Well , a combination of what I put up on my IG and my medium — for the videos (like a diary session about life and things I think should be talked about) , I’m still thinking about how to go about that. I don’t want to look back and regret my choices . Some ideas I’ve come up with are :

  • videos of me creating art (painting , doodling , handlettering).
  • - Videos of me crafting interesting things mostly from upcycled materials.
  • - Videos of me sewing (upcycling clothes).
  • - Videos of the environment, places I’ve visited or me doing random things .

Whilst these videos are on — they’ll be a voice over of me talking about whatever subject matter I choose to talk about that day. For now I’m focused on passing across my message and creating value.

Vulnerability is a huge aim for me — as well as transparency. I really don’t intend for the videos to exceed 10 minutes , since they’ll really be like podcasts.

Finally I’m really excited about this journey I’m about to take and can’t wait to see where this journey would lead us . Ready ? Let’s go 💃🏾.

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Ekabosowo Takon

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