These days, I wake up with a renewed sense of purpose. I wake up bursting with ideas. On some days I smile to myself. On other days I talk to myself talking to imaginary people.

No, I didn’t end up furthering my education. When it happened, I was so distraught, there was a point I packed my box and things and headed for an older friend’s house. Talking me out of it was the easy part, accepting it was the hard part.

Even if I had said “God’s will be done”, I wasn’t prepared for “if the outcome wasn’t in my favor”. I soon began to realize that God had a plan for me. One that I hadn’t realized because I was focusing on other things. I soon rediscovered a book that had plans I had made when I was in university, and gradually I began to get myself again.

Towards the end of 2018, I got a contract job in a multinational oil company. I didn’t know whether to be excited or sad. I felt like it was going to drill holes in this beautiful journey I was already on with God. Yes, it seemed foolish to be upset about that kind of job. Some people around me thought I was foolish for thinking like that. They didn’t get it.

The job was a beautiful one, and alongside having my side gig as a bookkeeper, it was very nice. I embarked on a refined business I started the year before, in a better way, and learned a lot of things I needed to learn.

Today, when I want to say the things I do, I almost fumble. I think it’s best to leave things at “I’m a creator”. God has brought me this far, from patching dresses in my tiny home studio to getting a job as a designer. I’m not where I am meant to be, but every day I strive to be better, I get closer to my destination.

A year ago, it was nothing but a dream, something I wished would happen. People say I’m stubborn, I say I’m strong-willed because I’ve come this far, even through the thick and the thin and harsh weathers of life.

Even if I don’t have so much financial means to show for it yet, my mind speaks volumes in the retrospect of “peace of mind”. The way it fights away negative thoughts is amazing.

The way it makes me understand that I am and will always be welcome in the world, that I have my part to play in making the world a better place, that even if things seem unclear and difficult today if I work harder at whatever it is I’d get better.

I’ve soon come to realize that rejections and failed plans aren’t indications that I am not needed in this life or that God doesn’t love me.

I’ve come to realize that life would always be life, and setbacks and challenges are a sure indication that I am alive and I am trying to grow.

I’d also like to add that my journey is still on, and I’ve learned a lot from books, videos, interactions, and people’s stories.

My father too has a huge part to play in this.

I’ve come to realize that can never be a loner in this world if you want to move from where you are.

I have learned and I’m still learning to surround myself with the right people, even if it means cutting off the ones that I’ve known forever.

To beat depression, you have to be intentional about cutting its monstrous head for good by looking for a deepen meaning for living.

If you don’t, then it’s up to you to tell God how you lived your life.

I hope to update this soon. Till then, don’t let what other people say define you. You are loved and you are stronger than you think.

Love always.

E. 💕




I am passionate about writing , research , learning and creating new things through storytelling, art and design.

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Ekabosowo Takon

Ekabosowo Takon

I am passionate about writing , research , learning and creating new things through storytelling, art and design.

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