Now what ?

Up. Down. Left. Right. White walls, cream ceilings, coffee brown sofa, lilac curtains , purple rug.

When did Laiza go ?

With the men with black suit or with the woman in the white fancy chiffon dress?

Did he forget that I was going to pick him up at 4:00pm, in front of the coffee shop we first met?

Did he miss my car as he walked back to the farmhouse ?

Did he give into the thoughts of how he was going to be better if he wasn’t here?

I told him not to listen to that woman in the fancy chiffon dress, but that was all he could talk about.

I told him that the men in black suit just wanted a human weapon, and that was the last of it .

I told him that I was going to talk him out of him unyielding thoughts.

The thoughts that made him wince at the sight of sunlight .

I even bought a pet dove for him, and told him that it would always remind him that he was precious.

Last week, a few hours before I left his farmhouse, I planted a bed of roses.

I told him it would remind him that even from dirt, beautiful things can grow.

He hugged me, his eyes wet with tears yet to be shed.

He whispered something in my ear, something I didn’t understand, nor did I bother to .

He pressed a piece of paper gently into my palm, and told me that I’d know when it was the right time to open it .

It’s 6:30pm. I have finally made my way to his barn, and settle down beside his favorite horse, “Uzzy”. She’s white and beautiful.

I pull out the piece of paper from my wallet. Its still neatly folded. I caress it with my forefinger and my thumb.

It’s time to open it, I can feel it. I close my eyes as I maneuver my way around the corners of the paper.

“You were mine before you knew, and I was yours since the beginning of time.

Now I’m yours forever. Don’t mourn for me . I saw the light . It called me home . “

Yours Forever, Laiza .