Easter ’21: His Death, Our Gain

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Love. Love. Love.

I didn’t plan this at all, but somehow God has his way of doing things, because this morning, I felt a deep sense of acceptance that I believe would benefit anyone that comes across this.

Earlier today, as I was reading my second devotional, “ Daughters of the King by Kesha Tippet”, I felt an overwhelming sense of acceptance, understanding, and embrace.

Now maybe or maybe not that happened because I had a craving and hunger to really understand the purpose, meaning, and implications of Easter, but one thing I am sure of is that at that moment, my insecurities were hand-cuffed to the cross.

I felt my mind open up, and I experienced ease, and just a few reminders about how loved I am irrespective of how I feel and see myself. It spoke clearly to me and told me the “abandonment syndrome” that drives my actions need not be.

So then I thought, we all want love right? We all want that one person we love to do right by us, and show us that they really value us and accept us for who we are. We all want that person to be consistent and intentional about being with us. We all want to feel the love that is like an ever-burning flame. Yes, yes, yes.

I get it, especially in this generation where there is a vicious cycle of “hurt and be hurt”, we are so eager to lockup or pass on the pain we have felt or we are feeling to someone else directly or indirectly. We are so quick to make promises to ourselves on how we would never allow anyone to hurt us again. We are so eager to see people get punished for not accepting us and making us feel unwanted.

We harbor pain in our hearts and minds, we wear our past like our favorite FC jersey, we rock our brokenness like a newly bought car, we hold on to our love as a child holds on to his mother/father on his/her first day of school. While we still hold on to that pain, we want to feel love one way or another even if we aren’t sure we are in the frame of mind to give it, we still want someone to see us give that hug we so desire, we want someone to take our hands, soothe or wounded heart, and tell us it okay, we want someone to tell us that everything will be just fine, breathe.

Well, at this point there isn’t much I can say about this, but all I know is two broken people can’t love each other perfectly and that’s fine. That’s why Jesus died, that’s the purpose of Easter. To bring us that love that we so crave, constantly available whenever we need it. Whether we feel worthy or not, whether think we crossed a line that we shouldn’t have crossed or not, whether we hate ourselves or not.

He bled, suffered, and died because he loves us, and wants us to continuously feel loved. I imagine him dragging that heavy cross, even after being wounded and almost dying. I can imagine him hearing roars of laughter as the soldiers cast lots on his robe, as he hung on that cross, I can hear him say “ it is finished”, as he took one last breath, and gave up the ghost.

My devotional brought me to that understanding of Christ’s love for me. I have never really understood it like this or sat down to envision it this way.

Now that have, I understand that Christ died so that I would understand the meaning of true love, embrace it, accept it and live it. Christ died so that whenever I feel unworthy, unloved, unforgiven, undeserving, I will be able to understand that his love doesn't judge or select, but it accepts me however I am, wherever I am or whenever I come to him, and all I have to do is BELIEVE.

I do believe, and I hope you do too.

He is still in the tomb, tomorrow he rises. I will rise with him, and I hope you would too.

Always remember that you are worthy of love and forgiveness, irrespective of whatever you have done or however you feel.

Till next time,

Bask in Christ’s love.

Love, E.




I am passionate about writing , research , learning and creating new things through storytelling, art and design.

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Ekabosowo Takon

Ekabosowo Takon

I am passionate about writing , research , learning and creating new things through storytelling, art and design.

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