COMING FULL CIRCLE “the highs, the lows and the in-betweens”.

Ekabosowo Takon
4 min readJul 14, 2023

Dedicating this article to : Dotun , Nos Jnr , Peter , Yemi , and Ezugo . May the soil you treaded on this earth always remember you for good. ❣️

Content , grateful and hopeful. is just a sprinkle of what I am now. Like “Ekab” has finally launched her brand — she has been consistent with building herself and her brand , and she is already anticipating what’s ahead. Whew.

  • Preliminary Stage

If my life was a tv series , I’ll literally be on-edge on every episode. Since I can remember being an adult , I can’t remember when last I went for one week without overthinking, being anxious or being worried. Especially as a full blown adult being in these streets.

This month so far has been interesting — it’s one of those periods where it seems like everything I’ve learnt so far is automatically working to guide me to the next chapter of my life’s journey.

  • Second Stage

I dunno when or how exactly it’s going to happen but I’m building a world class “upcycle/recycle design” brand and I’m putting it out in the world so that at the end of my days — when my works are being complied , there’ll be a clear writing on my tombstone “herein lies a woman that lived purposefully for Christ and others , and died empty”.

Usually I’m someone that’s really private with my life — and only give out information that I know that I want people to have — but this — this one is a challenge to the universe . And guess what ? I already have someone that asked that I rope him in wherever I’m ready. This was a few months ago , when I tweeted about it — on one of those days my passion burned bright.

  • Third Stage

Anyone that knows me really well would know that I love art and design , and I die on the line when it comes to creativity — but for a very long time I was living the dream I created based on what I believed was meant to be my life.

A painter ? Nope , an illustrator? No no no. An “upcycle designer” — yessssss please!

I’ve sat with this title for a while now — maybe close to three years , and now I think I’m ready to wear it like a badge. The joy I feel when I recreate things out of “trash” or “unworthy” items , or the voice I hear within myself when I walk by “upcycle worthy” items has gripped me so tight and won’t let go.

  • Realization stage

For most of my career , I’ve spent a lot of my time staring into screens , either designing , illustrating , editing or writing — and tbh I’ll be lying if I say that I had a hard time accepting the fact that it was time to look away from the screens and look somewhere else.

For a while , my mind battled with the finality of choosing to detach completely from staring into screens to jumping into “upcycle design” — but hey ! It is what it is.

  • Acceptance Stage

Ever since I did it and the storms in my mind calmed down , I feel calmer , at peace. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what I do — because most people can’t relate until you show them something they think would be familiar with .

A few times I get amazing responses , sometimes I get amused reactions , sometimes I get nothing . The silence is mostly too loud , and within that season, anxiety and doubt try to sneak in.

This week I got this woman that gushed over my work — I was so humbled because that morning my dad had called me to encourage me and also slightly sing my praises. That day I noticed that I was very comfortable with the compliments — they didn’t seem surprising or overwhelming.

It was obvious I already knew that “upcycle design” is here to stay . That I’m now “Ekab the upcycle designer” .

  • Pre-final Stage

I’m currently working on a couple of documents that’ll help me introduce my ideas — in case I get asked or have an investor that’ll like to chip in. Anxiety really took its briefcase way in shame and I allowed myself to let it go.

  • Final Stage

This is me gradually turning my confusion x imaginations into a dream. From the girl that was overwhelmed with all these talents to the girl that’s building a multi-billion dollar upcycle design brand.

I’m not just saving the earth , I also telling you , and the generations after that are going to read this article that you are on this earth for a purpose — and that anxiety , fear , etc etc would try to hold you down.

But you can’t allow the world to go on without your contribution — the world needs you to function proper ly— so start speaking and making tiny moves.

Your dreams will never be cut short if you keep pushing — trust me I mean it — and this is coming from a girl that was once bent on ending her own existence more than once.

This is where I end this article,

See you at the top , on my next article or both.

Love always,


Till next time , allow the dreams to flow.



Ekabosowo Takon

Who knows if I’d ever write a book again — to me this is my memoir. A legacy sort of , a compilation of my life in a sense.