2023 in view — this, that, and everything between.

Ekabosowo Takon
6 min readDec 30, 2023


A compilation of some pictures from my year, by me.

I honestly was feeling too lazy to write this article, but I knew that I had to. It is so easy to ignore your effort or progress by summing it up with how you felt your year went, and it is also so easy to overraise yourself without finding things you can improve on. This helps to point things like these out.

Ze beginning

2023, began calmly, wait wait — it started with my family panicking because I put my phone on airplane mode to getting the police to track me — yes, it was that dramatic. LOL.

In all honesty, 2023 was wayyyy better than 2022 for me, I never for one minute felt suicidal or felt like I wasn’t enough, or felt like I hated being on earth. Not one moment. So that is a great testimony for me, rather I felt like I planted a lot this year, and I did a lot of preparations — more about that in a moment.

All in all, I took an old lover’s advice to rest sometimes and it worked out for me. So now into the details.


This year I loved hard, I hadn’t exactly been in anything too serious since 2018, but if we’re counting the mess that I stumbled into, in 2021 — then since 2021. I dislike putting my love life out there, but it was a major part of my 2023. It still hurts to date and it just reinforced my confidence in the fact that cheating isn’t the only thing that can break two people that love each other. I also stand firm in the fact that there’s amazing love out there and that if you’re open to it — it will find you. That being said, I’m still nursing a broken heart — so that’s really how my 2023 is ending on this note. Fighting memories, and dispelling familiar emotions.


First of all, this year I settled all the painful pasts I had regarding relationships. Two people who were once my bosom friends with whom I had unfinished emotional friendship matters that had weighed me down for a while. I was there for my friends, I think I picked up my phone faster this year(although they’ll still nag me). One of my favorite people “Somto” got married — and I was a groomswoman. Good times. This year my friends and I laughed, mourned, played, prayed, and broke bread together.


My unspoken motto for this year was: to push my art and design a lot this year and that’s what I did. It’s funny that my “corporate world specialty” roams around marketing and communications because — selling myself has always been a big deal for me. But this year I did it my way, although I had a million and one reasons not to do it. I did it anyway. I also applied for art-related opportunities, I explored thangsss with no caution, and I enjoyed myself. Most importantly, I used my skills to make underprivileged kids and their parents happy.


If anyone asked me if what I’m earning right now is even quarterly equivalent to my worth, I’d just start weeping because. Ahhhh, I’ve allowed them gba me as regards this “but it’s okay” ‘in Layi Wasabi’s voice. We got it in 2024. This year, I’ve developed myself so much and so intentionally that if it was possible to pick me up, I might be bleeding knowledge unknowingly. From getting a design scholarship to building in other areas, I know that I’ve tried and I’m still on it. I’ve planted and I’m still planting. 2024 and beyond, we reap the fruit of our labor.


Ladizzz and gents, I almost dragged somebody’s wife to court. I did, but she behaved herself and settled with my lawyer begrudgingly. Lol. You guys should know that many people (Nigerians) are always ready and willing to cheat and mistreat you at any chance.

I learned a lot from this case, from knowing my worth to standing up for myself.

Other things happened in between that I should label under this group — but this was the major one.


I think the highlight regarding money for me this year is something that I’m letting permeate my brain. “Money comes and goes” — there are many reasons why I’ve been down and outrightly depressed and more than half the time it was about money. This year, I was very conscious about being accountable, especially when it came to money. I also learned and am learning to give more, and also teaching myself that this money of thing comes and goes.


There is nothing more annoying than people who say “Take me as I am” or “This is how I have always been” — it is the most disgusting thing ever. In order not to be that person, I push myself to also do better, especially attitude and character-wise. E.g. As a Christian, I hold myself accountable for the things that I can improve on, and take action to do them.

This year, I pushed my accountability to its breaking point — thoroughly. I pushed, and I stood up for myself, however, there were some areas that I see that I need to work on. For instance, the state of my Fupa is my fault, I let go of the exercises, and my bank account shouldn’t be as close to red as it is — but it is the way it is because I need to push harder.

One other thing that I loved about my personal growth this year is that I didn’t read as many business or self-help books as I normally would. Instead, I focused on putting into action the things I had learned earlier on.

Lastly, I became more positive and it has shown and is still showing in my life.


I created so much video content this year that I feel like I made it a full-time job for a while. From IG reels to YouTube content — I cannot explaaaaiiinnn the joy that I feel when I watch some of my videos and derive knowledge from them. I created a couple more social media IG pages, managed my family’s business for a while, conducted business writing for an old friend who is starting a nice new innovative business, and spent proper time at the waterfront, I was a light to a lot of people (they told me so). I prayed more than I ever have in my life.


My family and I traveled around a lot when I was a little girl, and I had always wanted to do that. I couldn’t do a lot of that this year, I did less than a fraction, which in my opinion, wasn’t so bad. So I went to just four states officially, but six states unofficially.

My quotes for the year were: Your life goes in the direction of your thoughts and God is my source, people are resources. I am taking them with me to the next year.


Reaping and putting myself out there some more. Thankfully I am starting the new year with an interview about my art and design. Looking forward to that. When it happens and drops, you people will know. And I am going to sew a lot next year.


It felt so good to be seen and appreciated this year, and this is just me scratching the surface. God held my hand this year and I know he will run with me next year.

If you got to this point. Well done and thank you.

2023 will end well for us.

2024 will blow our minds.

All my love,




Ekabosowo Takon

Who knows if I’d ever write a book again — to me this is my memoir. A legacy sort of , a compilation of my life in a sense.